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Handmade Chef Knife

Suitable for: Hunting and Cooking

Type of knife: Hunting/Cooking knife

Blade : 3 mm

Length of the handle : 125 mm

Material of the handle: Elm, Wrought iron and Copper

Calves :

length: 190/56/3 mm

material: Steel – 52100

Blade – length / width / thickness. 190/56/3 mm — forged of rod  Ø20 mm

-Handmade knives of a qualified Bulgarian Master Cutter

-All models are completely hand-made from quality materials and by the old masters way.

-All blades and handles are hand-made without the use of blanks

-Guaranteed quality workmanship

-A perfectly balanced knife that allows you to use it with ease while at the same time you get quality and beautiful craftsmanship

-All blades are forged with coal to saturate the steel with carbon so as not to lose its benefits

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