Li-Po Battery Pack / Pirate Lithium polymer

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  • Lithium polymer battery pack with smart charger included.

  • The Lithium Polymer Kit contains – 1 batteries pack – 14,8 v / 6000 mAh with smart charger for them 
  • Lithium polymer battery pack operating time per charge – 48-72 hours or more

  • Battery full charge time – 8 hours
  • the lithium polymer battery pack is compatible with all new and old models of the Pirate brand

  • You can add the Li-Po kit to your new detector order, or just order only the Li-Po kit to replace your old detector batteries  of all models Pirate brand you already have.The Lithium Polymer Kit is made for very easy installation and replacement of old batteries.You can use the old batteries or the Li-Po kit of your detector, the change is done with one click.
  • We can only send this set to customers living in the EU.

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